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Manufacturing Software and Systems


Forge & Molding

Sheet Metal tool & moulding, manufacturing and machinist software options include:

CNC Machining
Nesting and Profile Cutting
Metal Casting
Vacuum Forming
Spin, Blow & Injection Moulding
Profile Extrusion
Press Stamping
Rapid Tooling & Prototyping
Assembly & Welding

CAD/CAM and Manufacturing Resources:

Rapid Prototyping processes (RP). A useful site for general knowlege of RP is Castle Island. (Also see Old "Cadkey" users may be interested in my still-available STLin2 script for importing SLA ascii format triagle meshes directly into a (Baystate) Cadkey workspace.

For the efficient design and long-term understanding of industrial process, I recommend using FMEA. There are excellent rescources available for producing and Understanding FMEA at the FMEA Info Center.

As a Work In Process, we have recently opened our textile showcase to the public. This is a sample of the work one of our manufacturing partners, providing exceptional value for cost.

Other Useful Process Links: Best Manufacturing Practices. Also get "Trims", etc. Home of the well known "Campus" database disks. American Society for Metals, International :-) Building Industry Exchange - good start on building.

Software for Machinists

progeCAM - CNC software for AutoCAD & IntelliCAD
progeCAD Educational License: progeCAD Professional free in unlimited quantity to schools.
Visual Mill for Geomagic Design affordable multi-axis CNC milling
Dolphin PartMaster CNC Lathe software

T-FLEX CAM - powerful milling, lathe, profile cutting

AutoCAD download


Works like AutoCAD ®. Create and edit AutoCAD DWG 2D & 3D files at less than a tenth the cost of AutoCAD. Print PDF, STL & more.

Alibre Design

3D Parametric Mechanical Design Software - low cost & easy to use. Optional sheet metal design, KeyShot rendering & simulation.

Mathcad Prime

Mathcad offers a unique next-generation WYSIWYG calculation software for scientific research, traceability and visualization.

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